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Why We’re Here

We are here to nurture young people through creativity to help them reach their full potential. We planned to launch our new identity - Future Creators - earlier this year, but it didn’t feel like the right time. Even though we cannot yet launch in person, we wanted to share this development with you digitally, and felt that we couldn’t wait any longer - with the importance of creativity for young people being apparent now, perhaps more than ever before.

Why are we changing our name?

Previously known as Our Future City, we're a collective of organisations working as one to develop the creative potential, skills and voice of our young people.
In 2015 we started a conversation about the potential of the creative and cultural sector to work together better and the most important thing we could do collectively for young people in the city of Brighton & Hove. This was a wide-ranging cross-sector conversation that involved over 600 young people and we would like to thank everyone who helped us to shape Our Future City.

‘Our Future City’ was the name given to that initial conversation and as we have developed over the past 5 years we wanted to create an identity and brand that better reflects our ambition to prove to the world that collective action to nurture creativity works and has long-term, positive and measurable effects.

In 2019, the project expanded to include partners across Greater Brighton, Worthing & Adur, Crawley and East Sussex to work collaboratively to improve outcomes for children and young people across the region. 

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We know that creativity skills are highly valued and sought after by employers in many different sectors and that the creative sector is a growing part of the economy and a major contributor to quality of life.

It's essential we prepare our young people to become successful in their future working lives and harness the power of creative skills for practical routes into employment. At Future Creators we focus on harnessing and applying the power of creative skills so young people gain useful understanding, hands-on experience and practical routes into employment in a wide range of UK industries that need creative thinkers and practitioners.

Alex Bailey, Chair of Future Creators and Chief Executive of Adur & Worthing Councils said: 

“The re-launch of Future Creators comes at a critical time, as young people are facing uncertainty and worry about their future education, careers and mental well-being. By understanding the local, regional and national context we can work together to shape and co-develop support that responds to need and will make a difference. The new website offers practical guidance for educators, potential employers, artists, creative organisations and young people to find out how they can become involved with these valuable opportunities.” 

With the launch of Future Creators we will offer advice and support through our new website to develop the creative potential, skills and voices of young people. Follow Future Creators on social media: 

Instagram: futurecreatorsuk 

Twitter: FCreatorsUK 

Facebook: FutureCreatorsUK