'Well-being' can be defined as a positive state of mind and body, feeling safe and able to cope, with a sense of connection with people, communities and the wider environment.

We listen to young people and provide safe environments for them to explore personal issues such as migration and belonging. We utilise the unique potential of creative and cultural experiences to help children and young people build both personal and collective resilience and to enhance their sense of well-being.

We focus on building new and deepening existing networks and partnerships to co-create high-quality creative activities for children and young people. By using our established BeWell approach, we bring people together to co-design and deliver creative experiences that have been created in response to specific well-being needs.

Case Studies

Case Study

The Recycled Sea

Using recycled materials to create 3D moving automatons of sea creatures children built skills to challenge feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem and to work together.
Case Study

Dance Tales

Project case study from St Bartholomews Primary School whose Year 5 students explored modern and traditional dances to express feelings and tell stories.
Case Study

The Time Capsule

Children from Queens Park Primary School used photography to develop stronger relationships, teamwork skills, build their resilience and reduce conflict.