Young girl smiling and pretending to be on a mobile phone. Mobile is made out of cardboard.
BeWell Programme

Our Goals


Supporting children and young people to develop creativity skills and behaviours.


Realising the potential of culture to help build resilience and improve well-being.

Skills and Employability

Recognising learning wherever it happens and building pathways to skills development and employment.


Sustaining collective action and impact through the Future Creator's cross-sector network. 


Nurturing through creativity.

Helping young people reach their full potential.

Self portraits painted by primary children
BeWell Programme

Our Beliefs

  • Young people are the heart of what we do: their voices and needs are paramount.
  • We are all born creative: it sometimes needs the right environment to flourish.
  • Creativity is a life skill that can be learned, practiced and developed.
  • The arts, culture and heritage enrich all our lives.
  • Creativity has a wide-ranging impact, across the arts, sciences and digital technology.
  • Our culturally inclusive and vibrant city makes this possible – and makes it critically important.
  • The expertise of our network of partners adds up to something much greater than the parts.