We are committed to recognising what individuals achieve and accomplish outside of formally accredited qualifications, using digital badges to motivate creative learning and ambition.  Through membership of Cities of Learning and Badge Nation, we can help to provide young people with a verifiable record of achievement that can be used for future employment and development. All badges are quality assured to the RSA Badge Standard.


What are digital badges?

A smart, simple, and visual way of recognising non-accredited learning.

An effective and inexpensive way of demonstrating your impact as an organisation.

Accessible anywhere to anyone, using only a website link.

A useful tool for earners to proudly display on their website, email signature, LinkedIn profile, and CV.

Kickstart Work Placement Badge with white background

How do they work?

Digital badges show the awarding organisation’s logo and the criteria achieved.

They recognise and acknowledge the development of transferable skills and aptitudes that employers value, typically not recognised through exams and formal qualifications.

They motivate learner behaviour by recognising achievement.

They help earners better tell the story of their participation with you.

You can write a badge about anything, and award it to anyone that has achieved the specified criteria. Whereas an old-fashioned certificate may just title the activity and the date that it was achieved, a digital badge clearly displays the earning criteria and skills involved in completing that activity, immortalising it online and giving earners the power, tools, and language to articulate their experiences when seeking future opportunities.