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We'll take care of the paperwork

We will support you through each stage of the process from initial application to liaising with the Jobcentre, keeping you up-to-date on the progress of your job placement and completing the administrative requirements of the scheme on your behalf.

We'll provide the necessary employee support

The Kickstart scheme requires you to provide additional support for your employee to ensure they are best equipped to secure their next job, for example creating an up to date CV, job searching skills and interview preparation. We are able to use our proven expertise and online learning portal to provide this wraparound training.

Digital badges are part of our unique offer to enhance your Kickstart placement

Through membership of Cities of Learning, we can help you provide your Kickstart employee with a verifiable record of achievement that can be used for future employment and development.

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Standard Support (included in initial £395)

  • Support through each stage of the process including selection and interview, all necessary administration and processing of payments
  • Access to our online portal of tailor-made resources to offer top tips, support and guidance
  • Support to create and issue digital credentials to recognise your Kickstart employee's achievements which can act as a digital reference


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Enhanced Support (an additional £395)

Standard Support plus

  • Monthly facilitated Virtual Employee Circles to provide peer learning with fellow Kickstart employees to improve their teamwork, ability to problem solve, and interview preparation
  • Bi -monthly facilitated Virtual Employer Circles to troubleshoot and share best practice
  • We will award a suite of digital credentials to recognise your Kickstart employee's achievements
  • One to one session with employee to review and update CV with new skills and digital credentials
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Comprehensive Support (an additional £695)

Standard & Enhanced Support plus

  • 3 one to one sessions to support your employee to build confidence and independence, overcome any personal barriers to success and support next steps in job searching to secure their next opportunity
  • Cities of Learning support to create additional badges which reflect your individual training offer to young people


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Why badge your Kickstart placement?

Motivate your Kickstart employees: Badges help to create a sense of achievement and specific benefit for the employee.

Help support their onward journey: The earner has a verifiable digital reference that stays with them, regardless of your organisational changes. They are better able to articulate their experience and when they share it on LinkedIn, their CV or social media, your brand benefits.

Demonstrate your impact: Capture your offer through a visible and measurable medium that helps demonstrate the learning your employees have experienced and the investment you have put into designing your training offer.

NB. Kickstart employers will be awarded an organisational badge in recognition of providing an opportunity for young people to improve their life chances and showcase their involvement in this important national scheme.